D2O – Heavy Water
Li-7 in the form of Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate for the Nuclear Industry
B-10 in the form of Boric Acid for the Nuclear Industry
B-11 in the form of Boron Trifluoride Gas for Semiconductor Manufacture
N-15 in Form of Gas and Salts for Medical and Agricultural Applications
O-17 in the form of water and gas for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Scientific Applications
O-18 for Medical Applications
Depleted Zinc for the Nuclear Industry
Ge-72 in the form of Germanium Tetrafluoride Gas for Semiconductor Manufacture
Xe-129 for Lung Imaging
ISO 9001_2015 Certificate of Registration NUKEM Isotopes GmbH
ISO 9001_2015 Zertifikat NUKEM Isotopes GmbH
ISO 9001_2008 Certificate of Registration NUKEM Isotopes Imaging GmbH
ISO 9001_2008 Zertifikat NUKEM Isotopes Imaging GmbH

Li-7 Lithium Hydroxide-Monohydrat

B-10 Boric Acid

B-11 Boron Trifluoride

C-13 Carbon Monoxide

N-15 Potassium Nitrate

N-15 Nitrogen gas

N-15 Ammonium Chloride

N-15 Ammonium Nitrate

N-15 Ammonium Sulfate

O-17 Oxygen

O-18 Water

Depleted Zinc-64 Acetate

Depleted Zinc-64 Oxide Pellets

Ge-72 Germanium Tetrafluoride

Xe-129 Xenon gas

Xe-129 Gas Mixture (Xe, N2, He)

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Nukem Company Video, English
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For information about our Imaging products and activities, please download our new ISMRM 2017 Newsletter.

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Our ISMRM rubber duck family

Due to the great interest in our rubber ducks, which were our giveaways on the previous ISMRM exhibitions (International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine), we decided to display our duck family here.

The rubber ducks are not for sale and only available on the ISMRM at our booth. Next opportunity, ISMRM in Paris in June, 2018.