10B in the form of Boric Acid for the Nuclear Industry

  • Enriched Boric Acid for use as a chemical shim for excess neutron absorption in the primary circuit of PWRs using high burnup or MOX fuel cores.
  • In these PWRs neutron absorption of natural Boric Acid is insufficient. Solubility of Boric Acid limits the boron concentration in primary circuit water to be used as neutron poison.
  • Today more and more enriched Boric Acid (95 % enriched in 10B) is used by NPPs.


Physical Properties:


Material Boron-10 in form of crystalline Boric Acid
Enrichment 10B > 96 at%

Chemical Properties:

Form H3BO3
Purity ≥ 99,95 wt%

Impurities in μg/g

As ≤ 0,5
Ca ≤ 1
Cl ≤ 5
F ≤ 1
Na ≤ 5
Pb ≤ 1
PO4 ≤ 1
SO4 ≤ 2
Insolubles in water ≤ 10
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