72Ge in the form of Germanium Tetrafluoride Gas for Semiconductor Manufacture

Enriched Germanium Tetrafluoride gas is used as preamorphic implant to prevent silicon wafer from implant dopant channeling. Furthermore it is used to strain silicon wafer which optimizes the performance and speed of the device.


Physical Properties:

Material 72Ge in form of Germanium Tetrafluoride Electronic Grade
Enrichment 72Ge  50 – 53 at%

72Ge 55 – 58 at%

Chemical Properties:

Form GeF4
Purity > 99,9 wt%

Impurities in vppm

Ar < 25
CO2 < 25
HF < 25
N2 < 25
SiF4 < 500
SO2 < 25

* Our gas is fully compatible with VLIS-requirements.

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