129Xe in the form of gas mixtures for hyperpolarization and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Hyperpolarization of Xenon-129 is a revolutionary new diagnostic imaging tool for the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology.

Hyperpolarized Xenon-129 makes it possible capturing high-resolution, 3D images of the lung using a conventional MRI scanner.

Due to the varying solubility of Xenon in different environments, it is additionally possible to illuminate organ functions and tissue characteristics in a total way

Our Xenon-129 gas mixtures are optimized for the use in polarizers made by Polarean Inc.* Our Xenon-129 products are manufactured in accordance with cGMP regulations.


* www.polarean.com


Impurities in vppm

CO   < 1
CO2   < 1
H2O   < 1
O2   < 1
THC   < 1
CF4   < 1

Physical and chemical properties:

Material 129Xe in the form of gas mixture is available with two different compositions.
Composition Pure Xenon (Xe-129 enriched)

Standard mixture:
129Xe – 1Vol%
N2 – 10Vol%.
He – 89Vol% (balance)
For other compositions, please contact us.

Enrichment 129Xe > 90at%

129Xe > 80at%

Purity All mixtures > 99.9%
Volume  Available in 7,000 liter gas cylinder (with CGA 580 valve)
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